Blippi Is Going To Be A Dad!!

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OMG this is so exciting!! Well, maybe not for the single mamas but still, very exciting!!


Blippi – yes, the guy that dresses up in orange and blue costumes and is extremely silly.

The guy your kids probably love more than probably their own dad… is HAVING A BABY!!


Blippi aka Stevin John posted on his personal Instagram informing fans that he is having a baby with his fiance Alyssa Ingham.

I’m going to be a Dad! @alyssaingham and I so excited!!! 🍼🧸 Parenthood coming 2022!


The pictures are adorable and based on the ultrasound, I’d say we are going to have a Baby Blippi sooner rather than later.

Even the official Blippi account come on over to share a congrats!!

No word on whether the baby is a girl or a boy but I have a feeling it’s going to be a girl…


Ahhh I cannot wait to see this new addition to the Blippi family. I am sure your kids are going to love this too!


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  1. Muchas felicidades para los 2 por esta nueva etapa en sus vidas! Te conocí hace 2 años y mi hijo aprende muchas cosas con tus videos, de echo a toda la familia nos mantienes entretenidos jaja excelente tu trabajo, se nota tu amor hacia los niños! B-L-I-P-P-I BLIPPI ☺️

  2. That’s whts up Blip, I new the whole time it was a fine man that knows how to put it down under tht outfit.. my son love u , congrats for sure 👍🏾

  3. My grandson was Blippi for Halloween. I would love to show you all his costume

  4. All my kids love you they watch all your videos over and over I’m so excited for you congratulations on the baby your gonna be a great dad…

  5. Jake My 4 year old great nephew and I watch your shows all the time and love them so. Congratulations on your baby to you and the fiance.exciting stuff.

  6. Aw Blippi amazing news Congratulations to you both 💙🧡 Thank you for entertaining and teaching my 3 yr old son he love BLIPPI

  7. I watched the one where you pooped on that guys chest.

  8. Hola te conocí por mi nieto hace 3 años no paramos de ver todo y ahora que serás papá nos da mucha alegría a toda las familias los latinos te amamos espero regrese a altanta ga otra vez muchas bendiciones a tu amada esposa y la sangre de cristo los cubra de amor -salud
    Mi nieto Leonardo te saluda y klein .y yo la abuela

  9. Welcome to father hood. My grandson loves the excavator song.

  10. Congratulations!!!! You are going to be fabulous parents! Blippi is having a little Blippi

  11. Congratulations blippi and your family and my 2 years old and my 1 years old love your show because of you she speaking more and more word and she love the ice cream truck because she love ice cream my 1 years old love the playland placing you go so once again Congratulations blippi and your family you Going to great parents god bless you and your family!

  12. Congratulations!!!! My grandsons love your show- even has the costume

  13. Mi hijo de 3 años adora ver sus videos, dice que blippi es su mejor amigo y siempre se emociona tanto cada vez que lo ve, a aprendido muchas cosas viendo sus videos. Muchas felicidades y bendiciones por tan hermoso regalo que Dios le envío!!

  14. Photo credit: @Brittanystickaphotography

    Look her up on Facebook or Instagram!

    She took these amazing photos of them!

  15. Congratulations to both of you my daughter watches your show on YouTube all the time since she was little now she is 8 still watching it .

  16. Me and my daughter love watching Blippi and she said she wants us to buy the baby something. I want to make this happen for her because she is such a big fan. 😍🥰😍🥰

  17. My 2 year old absolutely loves Blippi! So happy for you and your family♡ Congratulations BLIPPI & Family!!

  18. My & my great grandkids love Blippi we all learn so much from his videos. Congratulations Blippi to you & your family

  19. My 3 year old son loves ur shows and got a blippi doll for christmas and he take it every where he goes

  20. My son Loves your show. Specially the Halloween 🎃 song 🎶!! One of his Favorites

  21. my daughter watches your show all the time and she is only 7 years old

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