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Blue Bell Ice Cream Releases An ‘I Love Cereal’ Flavor And It’s Time To Have Ice Cream For Breakfast

Blue Bell Ice Cream has a new flavor, and I am pretty sure you’re going to love this one.

As if we needed another reason to love Blue Bell Ice Cream, they just came out with — wait for it — I ❤ Cereal!!

Right?!? You have to admit, this is pretty genius.

I ❤ Cereal is a delicious ice cream with the flavor of fruity cereal, combined with confetti sprinkles and coated fruity cereal pieces.

Blue Bell Ice Cream

I mean, I didn’t really need an excuse to have ice cream for breakfast, but they just gave me a good one.

This new Blue Bell flavor is only available in the pint size, so that just means you have to buy more. *LOL!*

And, unfortunately, this I ❤ Cereal flavor is only here for a limited time.

That just means you better stop what you are doing, grab your keys, and head to the grocery store NOW.

What better way to start your day than with an ice cream inspired by cereal. It is a great combination of two popular foods. Our new I ❤️ (heart) Cereal is a mixture of vanilla ice cream to represent the milk, and fruity cereal pieces just like you would enjoy in your bowl for breakfast.

Carl Breed, Blue Bell Ice Cream General Sales Manager

This I ❤ Cereal Blue Bell flavor comes just in time for National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.

This is a national day that I can definitely get behind and enjoy!