Blue Bell Now Serves Oatmeal Cream Pie Ice Cream and It’s A Sweet Dream Come True

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Blue Bell ice cream is turning dreams into reality with their latest ice cream concoction.

An ice cream flavor turning every sweet tooth into several sweet teeth in individual’s mouths, comes the sweet flavor inspired by an older popular snack.

Courtesy of @bluebellcreamery

And since two halves are better than one, Blue Bell has turned the two halved sandwich into a tub of ice cream, or pint if you prefer.

Courtesy of @bluebellcreamery

Dubbed the Oatmeal Cream Pie, the original stuffed sandwich with cream is the latest inspiration regarding Blue Bell’s most recent ice cream flavor mixed with milk, sugar, and cream.

Courtesy of Blue Bell

Featuring oatmeal flavored ice cream with clear notes of brown sugar, each spoonful is mixed with soft oatmeal cookies and a vanilla icing swirl.

Courtesy of @bluebellcreamery

Just don’t blame us when you’re reminded of the stuffed sandwich every time you smell this half gallon in your freezer.

Courtesy of @clintbuck

Available in the freezer section until supplies last, you can find the ice cream in pint and gallon sizes.

But if you’re asking me, take home the gallon size so you can share with the rest of the family, or don’t.

Courtesy of @supersergsnacks

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