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Blue Bunny Is Coming Out With Stuffed Puffs Flavored Ice Cream And My Week Is Complete

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As if we needed another reason to hang out in the Walmart ice cream aisle.

Blue Bunny is bringing us a brand new ice cream flavor, and I’m going to need a minute.

Get this, Blue Bunny Ice Cream is coming out with a — wait for it — Stuffed Puffs flavor Ice Cream!

OMG, right?!?

You know what Stuffed Puffs are, don’t you?

Stuffed Puffs are those big chewy marshmallows that are stuffed with chocolate — perfect for making S’mores.

They are de-lic-ious!!

Blue Bunny isn’t just coming out with ONE Stuffed Puffs Ice Cream flavor.

No, ma’am.

They are coming out with THREE flavors of this ingenious ice cream!

Get ready for Birthday Cake —  a cake batter flavored frozen dairy dessert with swirls of tasty marshmallow, yellow cake pieces, and colored sprinkles.

The S’Mores flavor is a traditional marshmallow flavored frozen dairy dessert with fudge swirls, graham crackers, and chocolate chunks.

And then, there is the Cookies ‘N Creme Stuffed Puffs Ice Cream flavor — a yummy marshmallow flavored frozen dairy dessert with tons of marshmallow swirls and chocolate cookie pieces.

I don’t know which one I am looking forward to the most.

This Blue Bunny Stuffed Puffs Ice Cream is going to be a Walmart EXCLUSIVE, and it is hitting stores really soon.

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