Blueberry Cheerios Are Coming and I’m Making Room In My Pantry!

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Have you heard the rumors on the Cheerios grapevine?

A little birdie told me a pretty amazing secret today. Okay, I read it on the internet, but it seems to be totally true.

Cheerios has come out with a new flavor!! BLUEBERRY!

Okay, I must have these now.

Am I the only one who totally thinks of Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka when I look at these? LOL! That makes me want to try them even more.

Now I want them even more!

I’m not the only one not-so-anxiously waiting for the BLUEBERRY awesomeness, either! The Twitterverse is begging for these blue O’s of goodness.

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General Mills even got into the Tweeting game verifying that, indeed, the BLUEBERRY is coming soon!

Unfortunately, I have not seen the BLUEBERRY-flavored goodness with my own eyes. Someone known as Michael S. has spotted them though, and that’s good enough for me.

In case you need to know, they are made with whole grains just like the Cheerios we know and love.

They also contain natural flavors, and they may lower your cholesterol. More importantly, they look delicious!

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I Want All That Blueberry Flavor Now!

My most favorite way to eat Cheerios is with a handful of blueberries on top. The fruit just takes my cereal up a notch, and makes my world a better, happier (yummier) place to be. Now, Cheerios has done the work of adding the blueberries for me!

Thank you, Cheerios geniuses.

Cereal is just about the best food around. You can eat it any time of the day, with or without milk. Hello, breakfast for supper! It’s the best!!

It stands up alone, or it can be sweetened with a bit of sugar (Use brown sugar, and you’ll question why you ever used the plain stuff).

Have y’all seen these BLUEBERRY gems yet? Or better yet, have you tasted them? Let us know in the comments.

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