You Can Get A Bob Ross Toaster That Will Put His Face On Every Piece of Toast

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It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a Bob Ross fan.

He is the wholesome goodness we need in the world. So to find out that you can start each morning out seeing his face has me asking…where do I sign up?


So why not take a man that everyone loves and stick his face on an item everyone uses…a toaster! Genius!


But what’s even better? It literally toasts his face on your bread.

A Bob Ross Toaster that makes Bob Ross toast? Um, yes please. Breakfast just became the most wholesome meal of the day.


Every slice of toast you make will be your own happy little accident. You could even try to create happy little trees with your jam or jelly! I think Bob Ross would approve.


This adorable metal toaster has a picture of Bob Ross painting on the side, and cute little blue buttons.

Talk about a staple centerpiece for your home. You can have toast parties and watching Bob Ross paint while eating Bob Ross toast from your Bob Ross toaster. I mean…what could be better than this?


This recently became available at Walmart and it is no surprise that it is already at a 5 star rating. If someone gave it less than that, maybe they don’t believe in happy little accidents like the rest of us.


This toaster can be yours for $34.99 at Walmart.com, which is worth the cost in my opinion, to have Bob Ross’s face on your toast. I’m just saying!


This would be an incredible gift to any Bob Ross lovers or a great conversation piece for your home. But be sure to grab one quick because they go out of stock quite often due to the popularity and amazing-ness of this item!


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