You Can Get A Boba Tea Mini Fridge That’s Perfect For Storing A Secret Stash Of Snacks

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I swear, TikTok is taking all of money. Every other video is another cute product I want to buy and this one by far, is taking everything out of me to not purchase.

There’s an actual Boba Tea mini fridge that you can stash in your room, college dorm, or apartment. Oh and get this, it can even be used in your car!

Courtesy of Smoko

Not to mention, there are 3 shelves inside of the fridge, an extra pocket on the side door but what really caught my attention, is the adorable design.

Courtesy of Smoko

Just like any other normal looking Boba beverage, the mini fridge is coffee colored with a tan base, including Tapioca Pearls on the bottom of the fridge, a pink straw in the left hand corner and a cute face with rosy cheeks.

Even the decorations on the box doesn’t disappoint.

Courtesy of Smoko

You can currently pre-order the mini Boba fridge here for $109 and you can use the mini fridge to hold a secret stash of snacks, cold beverages or even to store your makeup.

Whatever it is I give up, I’m going to go look for my wallet now.

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