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Brandy Is Reprising Her Role As Cinderella And We Are Here For It

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Back in 1997, we were all pretty much obsessed with the Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella movie starring R&B singer, Brandy.

Well, hold on to your glass slippers, because Brandy is BACK as Cinderella, and we are here for it!

Disney just announced the return of Brandy as Cinderella in an upcoming Descendants spinoff film, The Pocketwatch, which will stream exclusively on Disney+

Y’all. This is going to be EPIC!! I’m not usually a Descendants fan — but I’m going to watch this one!


Brandy Is Back As Cinderella In The New Descendants Prequel

If you aren’t familiar with the Descendants franchise, it is a musical trilogy that appeared on the Disney Channel starting back in 2015.

Disney Channel

It’s about the teen kids of notorious Disney villains — The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Cruella DeVille, etc — who are given the chance to attend a school for the children of Disney heroes.

These villainous kids are allowed to leave their home on the Isle of the Lost, where all the bad guys have been banished.

The trilogy follows the kids as they reject the villainous ways of their parents to forge a new path for themselves. 


This prequel to the Descendents, The Pocketwatch, will focus on a few new characters as a brand new threat emerges amongst the kids of the villains.

Pocketwach will introduce Red as the daughter of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

We will also meet Chloe, the daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming — as in Brandy’s Cinderella!!

In the made for Disney+ movie, there will be a magical pocket watch which allows people to time travel — hence the title of the film.

They will use this pocket watch to travel back in time to Auradon — the magical land ruled by King Beast and Queen Belle — to prevent a coup from occurring — and I’m betting they save the day!

There has been no drop date released for The Pocketwatch as of yet, but filming began a few months ago.

Hopefully sooner rather than later we will get to again watch Brandy reprise her role as Cinderella!

Of course, we will let you know as soon as more information is released about The Pocketwatch.

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