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People Are Painting Brick Pavers To Look Like Old Books For The Cutest Garden Decor Ever

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If you’re looking for something fun and different to decorate your garden, I think I’ve found it!

Now, this is a project for the person that loves to DIY and paint!

You don’t just have to use them for garden decorations though.

I finished the brick books!! I need to find two more bricks to add to this collection. Each book is a favorite childhood book of my kids and Gbabies. Jalynne King The giving tree, Jared Preece jr Corduroy, Jillian Preece The Rainbow Fish, Mayleigh The very hungry caterpillar, and Mason Oh the places you’ll go. This was so much fun and it just adds a whimsical unique space to fill in my flower garden!!

Jennifer Preece – Facebook

The brick faux books can be placed on your porch, used as book ends for real books, home decor, or even used as a door stopper.

these are hand painted with acrylic craft paint, then sealed with a clear matte sealer.

Jennifer Preece – Facebook

All that you need to make them yourself is an old worn brick, some paint, markers, and a sealant to keep your hard work looking nice.

If you don’t have that artistic drive and flair, you could always order them pre-made by someone that does.

Just remember, perfection is not necessary in art… so you can totally do this yourself.

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