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Britney Spears Ex-Husband Jason Alexander, Tried To Crash Her Wedding Today

Looks like Britney dodged a bullet with that one…

In case you didn’t hear, today Britney Spears is marrying her fiance Sam after 8 months of engagement.

This will mark Britney’s 3rd wedding as she was previously married to Jason Alexander (1st marriage) and Kevin Federline (2nd marriage).


Although she was only married to Jason Alexander for 3 days in 2004, looks like he still isn’t over her or the marriage…

britneyspears – Instagram

According to reports, Jason Alexander tried to crash Britney’s wedding today when he showed up to Britney’s house where the marriage is taking place.


He had been live on Instagram as he approached Britney’s house telling security Britney had invited him there and that she was his first and only wife.


He admitted he was there to crash the wedding and somehow was still able to make it inside Britney’s home.

Shortly after, Jason was restrained and the police were called. As of right now, police are still on scene.


I can only imagine that he will be arrested for trespassing at this point.


Honestly, can’t he just leave Britney alone?


She deserves happiness and to be left alone on her wedding day!

britneyqueenbr – Instagram