‘Bubble Candles’ Are The New Hot Home Decor Trend And I Want In On It

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I blame TikTok for all the things I now have in my house. Some things were totally needed – others not so much.


But this new trend is a total NEED because they are gorgeous.

Yes, I am talking about these fun Bubble Candles that have racked up over 20 million views on TikTok by now.


Bubble Candles are part of the new home decor trend you have to have.

As you can see, they are cubed candles made from what looks like tiny bubbles.


They come in a variety of colors – some ombre and some solid.

I am personally digging that mint/teal one below. Ahhhh!


The best part is, these candles will not break the bank.

Depending on which one you get and which shop you buy from, they’ll run you anywhere from $10-$15 each.


You can grab the Ombre Bubble Candles Here and the Solid Bubble Candles Here.


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