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Bubble Slides Are The Hot New Shoe Trend and Now I Want A Pair

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I’m totally in love with these trendy Bubble Slides that are as comfortable as they are unique.

Don’t you think the raised golf-ball shaped bubbles on these slides look super cool?


They have designed these Bubble Slides to look like lychee fruit. Do you see it?

Gah!! I need these Bubble Slides in my life!

The first time you slip into these Bubble Slides, they are a little stiff.

But, wear them a couple times, and they become like bubbly clouds on your feet.


The raised bubbles can massage the soles of your feet and relieve the fatigue of long walks, just like a thick spa slide.


These Bubble Slides are unisex, and are great for sizes 4 1/2 through 11 women’s — or — 3 1/2 to 9 1/2 men’s.

They have a non-slip bottom, and wear-resistant soles. And, of course, they are super light — like walking on clouds.


As you can imagine, these Bubble Slides are super easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth and let them air dry. You’ll be good-to-go in no time!

I have eyed these slides for the longest now … I would say they are true size even with my big wide feet — I love these slides. I will be getting other colors

Amazon Reviews

Y’all want to know my favorite part about these Bubble Slides?

They have breathable holes on the top!

Not only does that make these Bubble Slides extra comfortable, you can add your favorite charms — like Jibbitz — to make them totally your own.


I also love that they come in a variety of colors — it means I can buy more. LOL!!

You can get these Bubble Slides in light pink, dark pink, beige, or black.


My daughter saw these on [TikTok] and has been wanting a pair ever since … I came across this On Amazon and got them for her she was so excited ! She says they feel great on her feet and can wear all day.

Amazon Reviews

Wouldn’t these make a fun gift for teenagers, babysitters, your BFF, that quirky barista at Starbucks — or ME!!


These Bubble Slides are priced right at just 27 bucks! Get them all, right?!?

You can get your own pair of Bubble Slides on the Amazon website.


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