Bubly Has Partnered With Universal Pictures To Release A Minion Banana Flavored Sparkling Water

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Sparkling water is a blessing for all of us individuals who have more than one sweet tooth.

The end goal for sparkling water is to provide a sweet beverage without any sweeteners and the Bubly brand does just that!


You may have already seen Bubly on grocery store shelves because how could you not considering their cans are just as colorful as a rainbow; their newest product features a bright yellow color and a sweet taste paired with very goofy characters.


Introducing, Banana Bubly sparkling water that come in mini”ions” size cans, did you get that?


Bubly has partnered with Universal Pictures for the premiere of Despicable Me 4, thus creating a sweet Minion banana sparkling flavored water.


It’s simple really, the 10 pack of 7.5 ounce cans have a similar taste to a real banana provided with other natural flavors for a crisp taste as soon as the beverage reaches your tastebuds!

Courtesy of Meijer

Walmart currently has Banana Bubly sparkling water listed on their website for $4.58 along with Meijer’s website that also has the new product uploaded on their site.

Courtesy of Meijer

Now it’s common to throw a banana into the blender to make a smoothie, but how do you feel about a flavorful banana sparkling water instead?

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