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These ‘Bug Pants’ Will Protect You From Ticks And Mosquitoes and They Are Only $12

I’m not sure whether to die laughing, or slow clap for the geniusness that are these “Bug Pants.”

These mesh pants slip right over your pair of shorts, to keep those summer bugs away from your legs — namely mosquitos. I hate mosquitos.

Courtesy of Amazon

I’d say I might laugh at these “Pants,” but desperate times call for desperate measures!! I’d totally wear these at home while gardening or during a family barbecue.

(These are) full-length bug pants made of ultra-fine No-See-Um mesh; protects against mosquitoes, wood ticks, deer ticks and no-see-ums

Courtesy of Amazon

These pants have a drawstring waist, which makes them crazy eazy to wear and simple to keep from falling down.

Courtesy of Amazon

According to the Amazon website, these Bug Pants are a unisex size medium, with the ability to fit up 200 pounds. That being said, they also come in size large and extra large.

Courtesy of Amazon

The Bug Pants are made of 100% polyester, and are super lightweight — duh, they are see thru.

Courtesy of Amazon

Cinch cuffs at the ankle keep bugs out
Cinch waist ensures snug fit to keep bugs at bay
Breathable mesh for increased comfort
Unisex sizing determined by weight


They are also very cool — they don’t trap in heat — and are flame retardant. Ha. See!! I’m going to wear them to my next barbecue!

You can get your OWN pair of Bug Pants right on the Amazon website. They will run you a little more than 12 bucks, and I’d say they are totally worth it.

If you want to get hella crazy about keeping the bugs away, it is possible to get an entire outfit made of this mesh — even a hood that goes over your head.

Courtesy of Amazon

Goodness knows, we need SOMETHING to protect us from the buggies! It’s 2020, the year of the giant Jumanji game. The LAST thing we need is to get some weird disease from mosquitoes!

Stay safe out there!

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