Build-A-Bear Just Released Cobra Kai Bears

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Ahhh I am totally wanting these!!

Build-A-Bear just released Cobra Kai Bears!!

Kick yourself into action with these new bears that makes an action-packed gift for any fan’s collection!

You can choose between two different sets depending on who’s side you’re on…

The Cobra Kai Bear Miyagi-Do Bundle:

Awaken the snake within you with Cobra Kai Bear! This action-packed bear brings the Miyagi-Do magic with its white karate uniform and matching headband. The brown bear has a fun Cobra Kai-inspired print on its ears and paw pads. It’s the perfect gift or collector’s item for any “Cobra Kai” fan loyal to Miyagi-Do Karate!

The Cobra Kai Bear Bundle:

Strike first and strike hard with Cobra Kai Bear! Now you can give it your all with the action-packed Cobra Kai Bear by your side. This dark brown bear displays its dojo pride with its black and yellow costume and karate headband included. Trust your Sensei on this one—any “Cobra Kai” fan needs this awesome bear in their collection!

The hardest part will be deciding which bear to get so you should just get both! Ha!

You can grab the Cobra Kai Bears on the Build-A-Bear website here.

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