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Build-A-Bear Is Selling A Bright Orange Pumpkin Bear That Glows In The Dark

I think we can all agree that Build-A-Bear was the place to be as a kid.

It was nearly impossible not to try and drag mom and dad by the arm into the store while passing by the outlet in the mall.

The creative workshop has exceeded expectations since I was a kid and there’s just something about building a stuffed animal from scratch that feels so exciting when your little.

Their collection of stuffed toys are progressively better than the year before (which I didn’t think was possible) and now, they’re selling a pumpkin teddy bear for Halloween that glows in the dark.

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear

Currently on sale, the orange glow bear has orange fur and a green leaf poking out of the top of its head.

Similar to a jack-o-lantern’s mouth, this pumpkin bear has a wide open smile with just three teeth, similar to how I carve my pumpkins every year!

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear

Sitting in the dark, this stuffed bear glows bright orange, sort of like a night light for kids except they can snuggle with it at night.

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear

The pumpkin glow bear comes in three different costume sets. The first set includes a pumpkin costume, a hat and sneakers, while the second set comes in a black suit, tie and everything.

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Courtesy of Build-A-Bear

Oh, and did I mention that the suit is covered in orange jack-o-lanterns, how cute is that?!

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear

Now the last set is my personal favorite and that’s because you can dress up your bear as a Ghoul. The costume is paired with black boots and a scythe.

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear

You can currently get the half bear, half pumpkin stuffed animal on Build-A-Bear’s website.