Bunny Ear Succulents Exist And They Are The Cutest Addition To Your Garden

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Just in time for Easter, look what we found — little bunny ear succulent plants. Ha!

Are these not the CUTEST plants ever? Gah!

Courtesy of chloe.jhee on Instagram

Obviously, they aren’t really called Bunny Succulents (or Rabbit Succulents). Their real name is Monilaria obconica — but I’ll just stick with Bunnies!

Courtesy of chloe.jhee on Instagram

If you look at them, you can see why people refer to them as Rabbit Succulents. See the ears growing out of that bunny head?


OMG, they are so cute! I need them in my succulent collection. Seriously, I have a collection going. It’s becoming a problem.


These plants are actually a WINTER plant, thriving during the cold months. They can, however live indoors year round. They just prefer the cold — kinda like me!


These “ears” on the bunny head will start out small, but they can grow to be eight inches tall! Those are some LONG bunny ears.


Once they start to really grow, most people think they lose that bunny look. I still see it, though. They will ALWAYS be rabbits to me!


Want to know something freaking COOL?!? They come in different colors! I’ve seen pink, blue, aqua, purple, and of course, green. I’m going to be needing them ALL!

Courtesy of Amazon

You can buy seeds for these Rabbit Succulents — er, Monilaria obconica — right on the Amazon website. The average price seems to be about three to five bucks for 100 seeds.


According to World Of Succulents, these bunny succulents even have a beautiful rose-type bloom that occurs in the summer. Gah! I HAVE to have one of these.


You have GOT to get these succulents, and I’m going to need to see pictures.

You can get the Bunny Ear Succulent Seeds Here.

There are also BLACK succulents that you can get for your succulent collection. These are completely AWESOME. Check them out!


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