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Here’s How You Can Get A Butterbeer Blizzard Off The Dairy Queen Secret Menu

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So we all know about the Starbucks Secret Menu, and probably even the Secret Menu Butterbeer Frappuccino. But what if you could order this at other restaurants?!

Thanks to TikTok, we have discovered how to create a Butterbeer Blizzard from Dairy Queen and my mouth is already watering!

The video shows an employee mixing together ingredients to create their own secret menu item to order from Dairy Queen, and we are forever grateful for it!

BUT, as with every secret menu item, don’t go to the store asking for a “Butterbeer Blizzard”, because it’s not on the actual menu. You’ll have to order it as described below!


How To Order The Butterbeer Blizzard

Start by ordering a vanilla ice cream blizzard (any size you prefer!)

Ask for butterscotch, vanilla, and butterfinger to be added.

Ad finally, ask for whipped cream! That’s all it takes to get this AMAZING drink option!

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