Hershey’s Released Cadbury Rainbow Mini Eggs Just in Time for Easter

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Get ready to hop on into your nearest Target or favorite grocery store…

Hershey’s has released new Cadbury Rainbow Mini Eggs just in time for Easter!!

Credit: The Hershey Company

These new Easter treats come in bright rainbow colors instead of the pastel colors you’re used to.

Build the most colorful Easter basket in town with the new bright Cadbury Rainbow Mini Eggs in rainbow with red, orange, yellow, green, and blue! These vibrantly colored treats are made from Cadbury Milk Chocolate with a crisp sugar shell that will have you hopping to the store for more. Available for a limited time only during this season in your choice of a 7 or 8 oz. bag.

How cute do these look in a bunny bowl for Easter?

They’d also be perfect for decorating Easter cookies with!

You can find the new Cadbury Rainbow Mini Eggs at Target now for $3.79 a bag here.

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