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Caillou Is Back and Parents Everywhere Are Wondering Why…

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Y’all, remember when I told you all how ‘Caillou’ was canceled and we all rejoiced?

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Seriously, that was a bit of good news during some dark times and the majority of us were SO happy!

cartoon_for_lovely_kids – Instagram

Remember how whiney he was?

Well, I just found out that ‘Caillou’ is coming back and it’s the same whiney kid, but also a little different.

Peacock is bringing back the series and I think I speak for most of us when I say… WHY???

So what’s changing?

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According to The Globe and Mail, ‘Caillou’ will now be a computer-animated series and even fans (yes there are some people that love him) are not on board with the new animation style.

This is yet another example of how we’re reinvigorating treasured brands from our evergreen library. For over 25 years, preschoolers have connected with Caillou because they can see themselves in these highly relatable stories.

WildBrain president Josh Scherba
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While my own girls are all grown and I don’t have to worry about them trying to watch this, I do have a grandson now and I am hoping he doesn’t become a fan of the show.

Listening to ‘Caillou’ is like nails being dragged on a chalkboard and I can’t do it!

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