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Califia Farms Just Released a Coffee Creamer That Tastes Exactly Like a Campfire S’more

S’mores are great until you realize you have to burn a fire to make it, and microwaving the gooey dessert is simply not the same.

So if you’re stuck without a backyard or simply don’t like the idea of camping because of the bugs, there’s an easier way to taste the sweet treat without burning wood.

While you typically have to start a fire to make this camping favorite, s’mores have never been so easy to make considering all you have to do now, is pour some in your morning coffee.

And if you’re confused, just keep reading.

Thanks to Califia Farm, their newest flavored creamer is inspired by the marshmallow, graham cracker, and chocolate dessert.

Enter, the Campfire S’mores Oat Creamer!

Courtesy of @califiafarms

While bringing the campfire to you without booking a week long trip in the middle of a forest, you can now taste the burnt flavors of the crispy and chocolatey snack without actually doing any of the work.

The only task you have is to brew the coffee, and pour.

Courtesy of @musthavemagick

Consider your cravings of the after dinner, campfire decadent resolved; after all, this coffee creamer should taste exactly as if you were roasting s’mores yourself.

Courtesy of Califia Farms

And who knows, with the deep blue packaging and the starry night decorating the bottle, you might just be persuaded to go camping after all.

Just don’t forget the chocolate, marshmallows, and a pack full of graham crackers.

Courtesy of @junkfoodfoodies

You certainly don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the woods and have forgotten the ingredients to make the dessert that persuaded you to sleep under the stars.

Talk about a nightmare.

Courtesy of @itsjakesjourney

You can currently find the Campfire S’mores Oat Creamer stocked on grocery store shelves now.

Just don’t be late on snagging this creamer because this it is unfortunately a limited-edition which means it won’t be around forever.

Courtesy of @candyhunting