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California Becomes The First State To Offer Free School Lunches To All Students Regardless Of Income

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California is the first state that is going to give free school lunches to ALL STUDENTS, and I hope this is just the beginning for states to fall in line!

Food insecurity is a huge problem in this country. Even if you turn a blind eye and don’t see it happening, it’s out there.

My kids went to a lower-income elementary school, and there were kids whose families couldn’t afford to feed them. The ONLY meal they got during the day would be the school lunch they ate Monday through Friday.

It was always a tough situation when certain kids wouldn’t qualify for “Free Lunch,” but their parents also couldn’t afford to pay for lunch.

California Is The First State To Give Free Lunches To All Students

Now, students and parents in California can rest a bit easier knowing that their state is doing something about the food insecurity right in their own homes.

The state’s Universal Meals Program is about to offer FREE breakfast and lunch to ALL students, no matter what their family income happens to be.

According to Scary Mommy, there are 6 million students in the state of California, and the Universal Meals Program is offering up free food to every single one of them!

This is going to be a GAME CHANGER for a lot of students!

Building on the historic budget investments for our California students and schools, Universal Meals is one of seven key pillars for transforming schools designed to help students heal, recover, and thrive while maximizing this once-in-a-generation opportunity to break the cycle of educational inequity, including nutrition insecurity.

Nicholas Filipas, spokesperson for the California Department of Education. 

Because of the COVID pandemic, many school districts have offered free breakfast and lunch to their students. BUT, the federal waivers, which schools used to fund the free food programs, are coming to an end.

It’s left many parents wondering how they are going to afford to pay for a balanced nutritious diet for their children.

Good news for kids in Maine. They became the 2nd state to come out with a universal school meals plan. They did so 1 day after California decided to act on this plan.

Here’s hoping EVERY state jumps on board! NO kid should have to go hungry, especially when there’s something that can be done about it.

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