You Can Get a Camper Trailer That Doubles as a Boat and I Need It

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Two of my favorite things is camping and fishing on the lake. However, as my body aches get worse, sleeping in a tent just isn’t my thing anymore. I really want a camper trailer!


But when you pull a camper trailer, you can’t pull a boat. So what do you do?

You get a camper trailer that also doubles as a boat of course! YES, I said the camper is also a boat! It is freaking amazing!

The SEALANDER is exactly what I need! It serves a purpose on land as well as on the water! It’s also small and lightweight so it doesn’t need a huge heavy-duty truck to tote it around!


I mean, we have a huge suburban, but I have a car. My plan is to get another Jeep as soon as I can. I could totally pull this with a Jeep! Since it is small, you don’t need a special license to pull it either!

It’s only 75.6 inches tall and should fit in an average garage. Yeah, no need to rent storage for one of these!

With a maximal height of 192 cm the SEALANDER fits in any garage, carport or even car park. An enormous advantage not only for trips in urban surroundings.

It is so compact! I totally think, wait… I KNOW I could pull this with no problems and I’m not even that great of a driver anymore. It even comes in several colors! I am loving the red!

The SEALANDER has a ladder that you can use to get in out of the camper. It also helps provide support to keep it stabilized. When you are the water you can use the ladder as a rail. and you can use it to support a grill!


Oh, and get this… according to the website, you do not need any extra license, either for camping-trailer use on land or boat use on water. SCORE!

I am so in love with this! Plenty of room for my family! Now I just need to find a brilliant idea to raise the funds for it! They start at about $20,300.00! Yes, expensive BUT for something that will get so much use, can you really go without it? I think not.

You can get yours from SEALANDER!

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  1. I would love to own one.Send information please

  2. Can I sell them for you in Oregon. I think we could have a great partnership. Let me know .what would the shipping costs be?