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Cap’n Crunch is Turning 60 And is Celebrating With A Birthday Cake Crunch Cereal

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Cap’n Crunch is turning 60!

And, as with all good milestone birthdays, there has to be some kind of a celebration.

The Cap’n is celebrating by bringing us Cap’n Crunch Birthday Cake Flavored Birthday Crunch.

Yum, right?!?

If the colorful cereal box — which looks like it warped straight from the 90s — is any indication, this cereal is going to be BOMB!!


But, Cap’n Crunch usually is, right?!?

Snag a box and go to town…your mouth will love you for it. Get your crunch on today.


Now, technically our favorite Cap’n’s 60th birthday doesn’t hit until 2023, but we get to celebrate just a little bit early, and I’m not mad about it.


This colorful birthday cereal is actually hitting shelves NOW — like, it’s already appearing on shelves.


Spotted and scooped up @ShopRiteStores about a half hour ago, brand new Cap’n Crunch’s Birthday Crunch!!! 


Cap’n Crunch Birthday Cake Flavored Birthday Crunch is already up on the Walmart website.

We haven’t seen it on Walmart shelves yet, but this is pretty promising for the near future!


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