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Caramel Fluff Exists And It Just Tastes Like A Snickers Bar And Peanut Butter Had A Baby

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I was kind of having a sad down and out day until I found out that Caramel Fluff is a REAL thing! Now I need to order some! The Caramel Fluff is gluten-free too!

GB Gifts

My kids have always loved Fluffernutter sandwiches, so Marshmallow Fluff was always in our house. I always used it in hot drinks. Which is exactly what I plan to do with the Caramel Fluff.


I’m going to add it to my coffee, then I’m going to add it to my hot chocolate. Hmmm, I may even plop that fluff on top of my ice cream! I wonder how it would taste with peanut butter on a sandwich? I’ll try that too…


Oh y’all! This would be amazing on s’mores! Chocolate and caramel is always a good thing! This person uses it on pancakes!


Kinda tastes like marshmallow snickers when it’s smooshed in a peanut butter sammy! Would you give it a go?

foodiewiththebeasts – Instagram

You can order the Caramel Fluff from GB Gifts, which is a UK-based where you can order snacks to be shipped straight to your home. It will cost you about $3.20 plus shipping, might as well load up on some other hard to get goodies while you’re at it!


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