These Shoes Are So Quirky, They Come With A Care Bear Sleeping In The Heel

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Well, if you are a HUGE die-hard fan of the Care Bears, this one is for YOU. My GUT reaction was, Aw Heck, No — but then, I could TOTALLY see my daughter sporting these as she confidently strutted down the hall of her middle school.

They are definitely colorful, quirky, and full of that Care Bear fun! Just like the retro toys we found at Walmart!

Courtesy of Walmart

Don’t worry, these are safe for Vegans, too. There is no leather used in the making of the bright Care Bear boots. They are made of Polyurethane faux leather uppers, fabric lining, and a synthetic sole.

They come complete with Bedtime Bear sleeping on an embroidered rainbow, above a happy sun.


The heel is shaped just like a big sparkly crescent moon with Love-a-Lot Bear lazily reclining in the crest.

Worried about getting these over your feet? That was my very first thought. No fear, these ankle boots have a zipper on the side which makes slipping them on super easy.

The size range on these is 7 to 10 — so lucky for me unfortunately they won’t fit my daughter. She will be devastated. The are bright, have sparkles, Care Bears, and Rainbows. She would have been BEGGING for them!

You can get your OWN pair of these Care Bear boots on the Fun.com website. They will run you $345. Yes, I said three hundred and forty five dollars. BUT, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, am I right? You may just have to go for it!

Shipping will only cost you about $6, which is very reasonable, considering they are pretty darn expensive boots!

If you get yourself a pair, I am going to HAVE to see a picture!!

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