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Here’s Where You Can Get Cassie’s Outfits From ‘Purple Hearts’

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OhEmGee! Have you seen Purple Hearts on Netflix?


If you haven’t yet made that dive into the military world of Purple Hearts, stop what you are doing and go watch!!

The Netflix Original military romance film has us ugly crying and wanting more.

Like, where in the world can we get Cassie’s outfits!! Fire!!

I mean, come on, how cute is this fringe jacket and black jeans Cassie is wearing?!


And don’t even get me started on this halter dress that seems to have a matching choker?! Um, YES PLEASE!


Of course, we can’t forget about her famous halter top… the one she wears while she says Goodbye to Luke…


If you need ALL of these in your life, don’t worry. We Got you!!

Here’s where you can get some of the HOT outfits inspired by Cassie from Purple Hearts.

Here's Where You Can Get Cassie Inspired Outfits

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