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You Can Get A Backpack That Looks Just Like A Real Cat And It Kind Of Creeps Me Out

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I have a cat, a barn cat to be more specific.

I’m actually kind of scared of cats, well more than kind of… I’m really afraid of most cats.

This backpack was made to look just like a real live cat and I have to be honest, it freaks me out quite a bit.

Credit: picopoco08

I do know that most people love cats a lot, I’m all about animals, so this is for all of you cat lovers… even if I have the heebie-jeebies.

Honestly, the details of this cat backpack are pretty incredible, it’s super realistic looking and I can see why cat lovers would love it.

Credit: picopoco08

Even the eyes and face are SO real looking!

The entire thing is made to look like a cat and even has the complete body shape.

Credit: picopoco08

There is a large zippered opening in the back of the cat backpack where you can store your needed items while you are out and about.

Credit: picopoco08

Since the zipper is well-hidden, most people will never even realize that it’s a backpack!

Credit: picopoco08

In fact, most people will wonder why you have a live cat strapped to your back!

Credit: picopoco08

Completely posable!

The faux cat has 3 harness loops where the backpack straps attach and you can release those so that you can just have a cuddly pretend cat when you’re not using it as a backpack.

Credit: picopoco08

When it’s not being used as a backpack you can use the posable arms and legs and set the cat up for fun photos, much more cooperative than a real cat right?

Credit: picopoco08

This cat shaped backpack was created by a twitter user called picopoco08.

They made a small number of the backpacks that quickly sold out in their shop and I can see why, it is a work of art!

As of right now, they’re not taking new orders.

When they are ready to sell more, they will announce it on their Twitter and Instagram social media accounts.

Credit: picopoco08

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