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Reindeer Ho Ho Snacks ~ Christmas Treats

Hallecake is back with another awesome video on her YouTube Channel–this time with a Christmas treat idea. I’m not sure where my daughter comes up with all this genius-ness. She’s AMAZING! And with a little recipe idea from Imperial Sugar, she makes the most awesome Reindeer Ho Ho Snacks for Christmas Treats! We had so much fun …

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Make Spooky Eyeball White Chocolate Pretzels ~ A Halloween Treat

It’s Halloween time, and that means Halloween treats! My kiddo made these awesome White Chocolate Eyeball Pretzel Bites with a little help from Imperial Sugar! We found this recipe for White Chocolate Covered Pretzel Eyeballs over at the Imperial Sugar Website and my daughter had to try it for herself!   How To Make White Chocolate …

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We Made Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispies

So, the daughter is hard at work on her Minecraft YouTube channel, and she’s decided to add a new feature called “Bake with Hallecake” where she makes Minecraft baked goods like cakes, rice krispy treats, brownies, and everything else we can think of. For her first episode of Bake with Hallecake, she made Minecraft Creeper …

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Here’s my little Princess Azula. Poor thing–she’s such a fangirl that she assumed EVERYONE would know who she was, and–of course–I don’t think anyone did. 🙂

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Questions for Hal

Blog, you know Halle… Well, she wants to answer your questions. So, if there’s something you want to ask a four year old, then here’s your chance! Ask her anything (that doesn’t offend me–I’m her mom I have final say on all q answering.) and next week she will be back to let you in …

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Today is a Halle-Day!

So, I wrote about my creepy focus and how it makes me forget other things yesterday… today I am devoting the day to the daughter! She is very excited about it! We have an outing planned with friends, and I know that the girls will have fun. I love all these little random strip mall …

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Halle dancing

Well Halle is giving dance another go. Last time we tried it at the rev center and she wasn’t quite liking it enough. But this time we are trying it at the Top Hat Dance Centre and she seems way more into it. Here’s hoping!

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