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You Can Get A Ceramic Christmas Tree Night Light That Brings Back All Of The Nostalgia

One thing that I always loved when I was younger was the ceramic Christmas trees that all of my grandmothers and aunts had! Do you remember them?

Well, now you can get a miniature version that is a nightlight that plugs right into the wall! Same look, just tiny and the cutest thing ever, they make me happy!

This is a great way to spread that Christmas cheer all over your home! Stick one in the kitchen, the hallway, the bathrooms, kids bedrooms, anywhere! They even look great during the day because they are so colorful.

Each colored bulb lights up just like the ones you remember! Shoot, you may have one since they sell them again! My kids are teenagers and I know they would still love these!

There are a few different colors to choose from, and I suggest you get one of each! There is even a snow-capped one! Seriously, how do you pick just one?

Stacie – Amazon Reviewer

I love this. I collect ceramic Christmas trees and this is an adorable addition to have in my kitchen. Just like a real ceramic Christmas tree but miniature and obviously cut in half so you can plug it in. The fact that you can rotate the plug on it to fit any outlet is a bonus!

Stacie – Amazon Reviewer

You can get them all on Amazon! You can buy the traditional green tree here, the white one here, and the green snowcapped one here. They range in price from about $16 to $23 each.

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