Here’s How You Can Change Your Campfire to Colors of the Rainbow Using Items Around Your House

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Let’s all say it on three, a decent size fire is a must while camping because how will you make s’mores?

Alongside graham crackers stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow, did you know you can change the color of your fire’s flames?

That’s right and no it’s not magic, simply the items you most likely already have at home can change the color of your fire pit.

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For a rich green fire, all you need is laundry booster like Borax or a root killer to spark green flames.

Prefer blue over orange, lighter fluid will do the trick.

Purple flames will require any type of salt substitute, while a yellow fire simply takes the same table salt you use to season your steak!

Strontium chloride will make a royal red and calcium chloride found in road salt will make the flames turn orange.

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As always, be careful when handling fire and when you do change the color of its flames, keep in mind to not cook or roast anything over the same fire you used to change colors.

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