Disney Has Completely Changed The Entrance To Walt Disney World Resort And I Kind Of Like It

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Disney is officially remodeling! It first started with Cinderella’s castle and now, Disney has completely changed the look of the entrance to Walt Disney World Resort.

Only a few changes have come included with this new sign and for those of you who don’t like change, well, it’s honestly an upgrade I think.


The original sign as we all know and love welcomes drivers to Walt Disney World as it stretches across the roadways and that’s truly where the magic begins.

The new sign, still stretching across roads will still welcome individuals with the Walt Disney World logo but instead of “Where Dreams Come True” the resort has replaced it with “The Most Magical Place On Earth” and to be honest, we need a place to escape to considering this chaotic year.

Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

One thing you might also notice are the upgraded colors. Disney has updated their colors to match the new color scheme of Cinderella’s castle and I have to say I like it.

Courtesy of Disney

Last but not least, Mickey and Minnie have switched places while welcoming guests into the park (Mickey is on the left and Minnie is now on the right) and Cinderella’s castle that used to be at the tippy top of the sign is now completely gone.


What do you think of the new and improved gateway entrance?


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