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Cheetos Has A New Mexican Street Corn Flavor That Has All Of The Flavors Of The Real Thing

Are you looking for something new to spice up summer parties and cookouts? If so, I think I may have just found it, Cheetos Mexican Street Corn!

snackbetch – Instagram

I have an confession… I have never had Elotes. Like this was something I had never heard of before moving to Texas and I still haven’t tried it. But here it’s pretty much everywhere, even in front of gas stations.

zardapuya – Instagram

I guess that some people even use the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to make Flamin’ Hot Elotes. They crush them up and coat corn on the cob with it to spice things up!


Well, Cheetos swapped it and brought the elotes to the Cheetos! From what I learned looking at recipes, elotes is made with corn on the cob and then it is coated in a mixtures of mayo, sour cream, spices, and lime juice.

So, I can only guess that the new Mexican Street Corn Cheetos will have those same flavors infused in one of our favorite crunchy snacks!

snackbetch – Instagram

Instagram user snackbetch posted a good closeup of the new snack and you can see on the bag that Chester is holding a lime with what looks to be Tajin chili powder on it.

According to one of our favorite food Instagram accounts, markie_devo, There are a whole bunch of new chips and snacks coming out!

markie_devo – Instagram

As of right now, it looks like the new Mexican Street Corn Cheetos are going to be available in stores in May 2021! I can’t wait to try them!


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