You Can Get A Christmas Sweater For Your Chicken So They Can Look Festive During The Holidays

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If the entire family is wearing Christmas sweaters, don’t you think your pets should too?

Your dogs, cats, hamsters or even your chickens should be included in that bunch and if you agree, then I have just the thing to show you! 

Courtesy of AnimalFunandFashion

Etsy is currently selling Christmas sweaters that you can dress your chickens in for a family photo or even on a freezing cold night since it’s now November, and we all know temperatures are dropping. 

Courtesy of AnimalFunandFashion

Handmade from AnimalFunandFashion, you can get a crocheted Christmas sweater for your chickens to look fabulous in! 

Courtesy of AnimalFunandFashion

You can order the sweater in X-Small, Small, Medium or Large and let me just say, that these sweaters look exactly like Mrs. Clause’s outfit. 

Courtesy of AnimalFunandFashion

Each sweater is red with a white trim and has Santa Clause buttons included and if you have a chicken coop, your chickens will be spreading Christmas cheer like there’s no tomorrow. 


Plus, they will look extremely fashionable and festive for the holiday season.

Courtesy of AnimalFunandFashion

Depending on the size of your order, each sweater will vary in price from $14.99 to $18.45 and who knows, you might even think about replacing your family photo with your chicken coop for the annual Christmas card!

Courtesy of AnimalFunandFashion

You can order your Chicken Christmas Sweater Here.

Courtesy of AnimalFunandFashion

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