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You Can Get Hulk Arms For Your Chickens And I Need Them Now

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Chickens have a ton of personality and make very entertaining pets.

Before I owned chickens I really had no idea and thought they were just dumb birds.

I was so wrong, they are so much fun to have!

I’m not quite sure how they feel about being dressed up, but it sure is entertaining with all of the fun things people make for them, like the tiny t-rex chicken arms!

Jena Noyes – Etsy Customer Review

We can’t forget the original tiny arms for chickens, so freaking funny!

JessicaCulhaneToy on Etsy is 3D Printing and selling these amazing tiny Hulk arms for chickens.

JessicaCulhaneToy – Etsy

I think every chicken lover needs a set of these Hulk arms in their life!

The Hulk chicken arms are 3D printed and ship within about 2 days according to the Etsy listing.

JessicaCulhaneToy – Etsy

Since they are 3-D printed, they are lightweight and you can adjust the fit to your chickens.

The chickens wearing arms do not seem to mind wearing them at all, they just continue doing their chicken things… but with arms.

JessicaCulhaneToy – Etsy

If you want to laugh and make others smile, just post some videos and photos of your Hulk chickens!

aoife.melia – Instagram

You can buy your chicken some Hulk chicken arms from JessicaCulhaneToy on Etsy for less than $15!

JessicaCulhaneToy – Etsy

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