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Here Is How To Order The Chipotle Breakfast Chicken Sub Off The Subway Secret Menu

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I think I have found my new favorite breakfast, and y’all — it’s from Subway!!

I would have NEVER thought going to Subway for breakfast was a thing, but it totally is.

This Chipotle Breakfast Chicken Sandwich is off the Subway Secret Menu, and OH MY GOSH it’s good.

How To Order A Chipotle Breakfast Chicken Sandwich Off The Subway Secret Menu

Now, since this sandwich is on the Subway Secret Menu, you can’t just roll on up to your favorite Subway and order a Chipotle Breakfast Chicken Sandwich.

You are going to have to tell them exactly what you want on it.

Don’t worry. It’s all normal stuff that they have on hand. You don’t have to order anything weird or obscure.

You are going to want to ask for an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, but you want to add chicken.

They have several different kinds of chicken, but if they have rotisserie chicken, go with it. You won’t regret it.

Of course, you are going to want to start by choosing a bread. You can get whatever you want, but IMHO the Flat Bread is the way to go with this sandwich.

Next, you get to choose your cheese. You can’t go wrong with cheese, AMIRITE?!? I get the provolone. It’s delish!!

Yes. You want it toasted. It makes the bread a bit crispy, and melts the cheese into the chicken and egg. So good!

You can choose whatever-the-heck veggies you want on the sandwich, but I prefer to go with that Southwestern feel. Onions, spinach, and tomato for me!!

Here’s the super secret ingredient that you HAVE to get. Guacamole!! Y’all. This just pulls all the flavors of this sandwich together, and gives it a creamy tang. Yum!

Now you want to finish this sandwich with the Baja Chipotle Sauce — that’s what gives it that yummy chipotle flavor.

All that’s left to do is enjoy this crazy delicious sandwich.

Let us know what you think below in the comments.

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