Chipotle Is Offering Free Delivery Through The End of The Month

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When I hear word “free” I come running. Whether it’s for free food, clothing or samples, it doesn’t matter to me because who doesn’t like free stuff?

Especially when it comes down to free food, I will always try something new! What makes my day is when a restaurant might offer a free sandwich or dessert with your meal. What can I say, I’m a food junkie!

If there’s anything my friends and I are constantly on the lookout for, it’s regarding where we can get free food, special deals, buy one get one, etc.

Well guess what, Chipotle has announced free delivery until the end of this month and all you have to do is purchase a 10 dollar minimum! Say what?!

Make sure to download the Chipotle App or order through their website.

In addition, you can track your Chipotle orders and obsess over when they’ll be delivered, because it’s not like I check every ten minutes…

It has yet to be said the reason why Chipotle is doing free delivery this month; whether it’s due to the Coronavirus or they just simply want to please their customers. But whatever the reason is, I’m not complaining!

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