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Here’s How to Make Chocolate Strawberry Hearts for the Cutest Valentine’s Day Dessert

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Chocolate assortments tossed in heart-shaped boxes are so last year when it comes to the day of love.

However chocolate-dipped strawberry hearts are the key to anyone’s heart for that special someone with a nagging sweet tooth.

This year for Valentine’s day, impress your loved one with heart shaped strawberries coated in chocolate shells that are just as delicious as they’ll look on the plate.

So in order to make this Valentine’s day dessert, you’ll need a pack of strawberries, chocolate, and skewers which are optional.

After washing your strawberries, start by slicing one corner of the strawberry diagonally towards the top center of the strawberry.

Courtesy of @marie.triplett

You’ll want to do the same for the other corner while meeting the diagonal cut you made by cutting the first corner; this should make your strawberries look like tiny hearts.

Courtesy of @marie.triplett

The next step is optional, although it makes dipping your strawberries easier into the melted chocolate; push a skewer from the bottom through the middle of the strawberry and without puncturing the top.

Dip the strawberry in melted chocolate and leave them to dry in the fridge, you can even use white chocolate to mix up the colors and not to mention sprinkles to brighten the color the dessert!

Gather the chocolate covered strawberries hearts on a white plate for a beautiful presentation on Valentine’s day and you’re finished!

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