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Here’s How You Can Make Chocolate Turkeys Out of Strawberries For The Cutest Thanksgiving Dessert

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Forget pumpkin pie and ditch the apple strudels because this Thanksgiving we’re introducing chocolate covered strawberry turkeys that will surely win over mom and impress Grandma at the dinner table!

Considering the main course on Thanksgiving day typically includes indulging in our favorite comfort foods, this creative Thanksgiving dessert will make you want to skip the main meal and go straight to dessert!

Courtesy of @_ellagrace12

Thanks to TikToker at @_ellagrace12, you can now turn your strawberries into chocolate turkeys like turning lemon into lemonade.

Courtesy of @_ellagrace12

Starting with a handful of strawberries, grab a few from the fridge because the red fruit will act as the body of your turkeys.

Courtesy of @_ellagrace12

Snag a few mini marshmallows and pretzel sticks from the pantry too.

Courtesy of @_ellagrace12

Poke the pretzel sticks through the marshmallow just until you reach the middle; then, stick on the legs with melted chocolate on either side of the strawberry.

Courtesy of @_ellagrace12

Coat the entire strawberry with turkey legs and all in a chocolate dip and carefully place on a skewer to dry.

Once the chocolate has hardened like a shell, your chocolate covered strawberry turkeys are ready to be served and presented on a white platter after everyone has stuffed their faces with meat and cornbread; Bon Appétit!

Courtesy of @_ellagrace12

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  1. Love these. What kind of chocolate did you use that hardens?

  2. use the marshmallows with the chocolate inside, they are delicious

  3. Wish strawberries were in season during Thanksgiving:(

    1. @Steph, they should be. Try your local Walmart. Just got some today! 11/24/21

    1. @Martin Watagatapitusberry, maybe a marshmallow?

    2. @Martin Watagatapitusberry, YouTube vid shows tips in white chocolate

    3. @Sandy Johnston, maybe dipped in some melted marshmallow. With some powered sugar on your finger to pat down any spiked marshmellow.