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Chris Evans Has Returned to Rom-Coms And My Heart is Throbbing

Ladies – Chris Evans has officially returned to rom-coms and my heart is officially throbbing!

Gone are the days of Chris Evans playing just a superhero (Captain America) on screen because his new movie trailer has him back in the love game!


Oh, and don’t worry, you’ll totally be able to convince your significant other to watch it with you because it seems to be a cross between a rom-com and an action movie.

Apple TV+

The official movie synopsis is:

Salt-of-the-earth Cole (Evans) falls head over heels for enigmatic Sadie (de Armas)—but then makes the shocking discovery that she’s a secret agent. Before they can decide on a second date, Cole and Sadie are swept away on an international adventure to save the world.

But let’s be honest – we want to see Chris Evans in a rom-com once again, he’s just so – CUTE.

Honestly, how is he not married in real life?!

Apple TV+

Anyways, the show is called Ghosted and will be premiering on Apple TV+ on April 21, 2023.

Apple TV+

You can watch the new trailer starring Chris Evans in Ghosted below.