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Home Depot Is Selling A 12-Foot Christmas Cactus Inflatable You Can Put In Your Yard For The Holidays

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Ho-ho-ho, y’all!!

I LOVE Christmas decorations. That being said, I am not the best ever at decorating. Things have to be super simple for me to make them look beautiful and festive.

Thank goodness places like The Home Depot have super-cute, ready-to-inflate Christmas decorations!! Even people like ME can’t mess up THESE decorations. Ha!

We found this Inflatable Christmas Cactus right on The Home Depot website. Isn’t it cute?!? Gah!! Not only that, this sucker is HUGE!

Courtesy of The Home Depot

My first thought was, “What a cute Christmas inflatable!” Then, I saw a picture of it in relation to the house — I was taken aback. This cactus is a whopping 12 FEET TALL!!

That’s more than twice as tall as me!!

Courtesy of The Home Depot

Bring holiday happiness to passersby with this Airblown Inflatable Cactus. Decked out for the season with a Santa hat and light string, this adorable decoration is perfect for sharing Christmas cheer. Use it as a standalone piece or group it with other inflatables for a supersized scene.

The Home Depot

This Christmas cactus uses LED lights, which you know are super bright, are cool to the touch, and use way less energy than traditional Christmas lights.

Courtesy of The Home Depot

You can set this festive cactus up indoors or outdoors, but you are going to have to have heck-a tall ceilings to stick this cactus in your living room!!

This would look so great in an entryway that has a vaulted ceiling.

Courtesy of The Home Depot

Setting this guy up is super simple! It just takes SECONDS for it to inflate all the way up. Then, when you are done, it easily deflates for quick and painless storage.

Courtesy of The Home Depot

You will need to have a plug readily accessible, because this Christmas cactus will need to be plugged in to make it spring to life.

Courtesy of The Home Depot

You can get this Inflatable Christmas Cactus at The Home Depot for $99. You are going to LOVE it, and you’ll be the envy of every passerby this holiday season!

Courtesy of The Home Depot

If you are looking for more inflatable decorations to adorn your front yard this holiday season, you have GOT to check out this Inflatable Jack Skellington Sleigh. It is so cute!!

Courtesy of The Home Depot

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