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You Can Get A Christmas Candy Balloon Arch To Decorate Your Home Perfectly For Holiday Parties

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If you go all out on Christmas and have a party, then you need this!

The Christmas Candy themed Balloon Garland Arch is the perfect spot to stop and take photos with friends and family.

Xpressions – Amazon customer review

Perfect for our Christmas party, the kids had so much fun playing with the candy canes balloons after the party. I love the colors and the quality are great, it was very easy to inflate, I use a machine so it didn’t take that long for me to set it up.

Xpressions – Amazon customer review

The Christmas Candy Balloon Garland Arch Kit Includes:

  • 70 pieces: 10 inch red latex balloons
  • 50 pieces: 10 inch white latex balloons
  • 7 pieces: 18 inch a little blue at the edges round candy balloons
  • 7 pieces: 18 inch red star shape balloons
  • 2 pieces: 24 inch gift box balloons
  • 2 pieces: 27 inch candy cane balloons
  • 16 foot long balloon decorating strip
  • Balloon tying tool
  • 100 glue dots
  • Red balloon ribbon

Great quality even tho we had small area to set up it was loved by all made our photo booth so awesome!! (had a few green balloons left over from my sons birthday so I added them)

Amazon Customer

The balloons are made of high quality latex materials that are strong and durable.

Assembly and set-up is fast and easy!


Just blow up your balloons, then insert them into the plastic garland making strip.

Once you have that completed, you can hang the balloon garland wherever you would like.

Sbay – Amazon customer review

I was extremely pleased with this purchase. The balloons are good quality and the red balloons are a beautiful bright red. I purchased a darker red to give it some texture, but overall it was a beautiful garland. It has ton of balloons in the package and couldn’t use them all for the space I place them at, but you can definitely make a long garland if you do inflate them all. These garlands are very easy to make but time consuming. I made this a night prior and it lasted beautifully without any problems.

Sbay – Amazon customer review

You can order your own Christmas Candy Balloon Arch Garland on Amazon!


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