People From Around The World Captured Last Night’s ‘Christmas Star’ And The Photos Are Stunning

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If you missed last night’s alignment of Saturn and Jupiter, don’t worry, people from about the world are posting their photos and some of them are so clear, that you can even see Saturn’s rings!

Individuals are posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even TikTok and the results are immaculate.


As you might have already heard, Jupiter and Saturn aligned just last night which was a rare occurrence that unfortunately will not happen again until March of 2028.


#pov : i take you to look at jupiter and saturn before the great #conjunction 🙂 #observatory #space #jupiter #saturn #science #stem

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So if you missed ‘The Great Conjunction’ because you were either working or if it was too cloudy to see (like myself), here are plenty of photos you can admire from the comfort of your own couch.


Tiktoker @tylerstearmer shared his experience through a telescope lens. You’ll be able to notice Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s stripes and two of its moons surrounding the planet without even having to squint!


Many individuals posted their images of ‘The Great Conjunction” on Instagram as well over a beautiful sunset.


One Instagrammer was even able to capture more than two of Jupiter’s moons that surround the planet!


I have to say thank goodness for social media because it was a cloudy night where I live and once I figured out that the clouds were blocking my view, I was totally bummed!


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