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This Tree Shaped Butter Is Exactly What Your Christmas Dinner Table Needs

There is nothing more festive than tree shaped butter. I will fight somebody over this.

So, the other day, I was out tracking down a Turkey (they are hard to come by these days) and I came across this perfection:

Yes, that is Tree Shaped Butter!! And seriously, if you don’t have this on your Christmas Dinner Table, you are doing it all WRONG.

This is part of the Keller’s Butter Sculptures and in case you didn’t know, they also make Turkey-Shaped Butter and Bunny-Shaped Butter too!

I’ve seen this a few places already such as Kroger, Target and some Walmarts near me have had them. You can find them right near the butter.

As far as cost goes, I’ve seen them for around $4.00 each and you know you need them for your Christmas dinner!