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You Can Get Cleaning K-cups to Clean Your Keurig and My Mind Is Blown

All this time, I’ve been cleaning my Keurig the hard way…

I swear the little light that says it needs to be descaled comes on weekly and all this time, there has been a better way to clean my Keurig!

Did you know that cleaning K-cups that clean your Keurig exist?

Yep – you just pop one of these cleaning k-cup pods into your Keurig and run through a cycle as usual.

You then are left with an awesome and totally clean Keurig machine that is ready to make you cups of delicious coffee.

According to the description for these, not only will your machine make better-tasting coffee, it also helps lengthen the life time of your machine.

Over time, Keurig (TM) K-cup machines build up old grinds and residues, tainting the flavor of your coffee and espresso. Quick & Clean’s proprietary cleaning formula cuts through and eliminates these residues, bringing taste back to normal

Lengthens The Life Of Your Machine: Residue build ups in the pack holder, funnel & exit needle can eventually cause damage to your machine. Regular cleaning using Quick & Clean’s cups restores these elements and enhances the lifespan of your machine

The best part is, a pack of these costs less than $10!

You can get the Cleaning Cups for Keurig K-Cup Machines on Amazon here.