10 Clever Uses for Dish Soap

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Dish soap is a  wonder-product…honestly, it doesn’t only have to be used in the kitchen to clean dishes! There are just so very many Clever Uses for Dish Soap, this list is just a few.

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  • Pet Shampoo – Dish soap is not a harsh chemical, it is often used after or during oil spills to clean oil off of birds and animals skin, feathers, fur, etc. I know you’ve seen the commercials…You can also use it for your pets at home as a last minute cleaner as well. My mom swears by the lemon-scented dish soap’s ability to keep fleas and ticks away (and it works!).
  • Homemade Bubbles – Mix a few drops of dish soap in with water in a bottle. Shake well, and then blow, baby, blow. The mixture holds a strong bond and works as a great alternative to store bought bubbles. It also saves money. One bottle could last you for an entire summer of bubbles.
  • Icepack – This is a LIFESAVER with kiddos! And a fun experiment…By just placing a cup or so of dish soap in a tightly sealed baggie and putting it in the freezer for a while will create an icepack. It doesn’t quite freeze all the way making it a good, pliable icepack for joint and oddly placed injuries.
  • Defogger – To prevent glasses and goggles from fogging up, place a drop of dish soap on the lenses, rub it around, and then wipe it clean. This creates a barrier that doesn’t allow fog to accumulate on them. I haven’t tried this yet on my bathroom mirror, but I think it would be amazing…
  • Tub and Shower Cleaner – Bathtubs and showers can be difficult to clean, water stains, soap scum, grime, its overall not a very fun task. Try using Dawn dish soap to clean it. The results are a super clean surface! Mix 5 or so drops into a spray bottle and fill it with water, shake it up and use it as a cleaner. (This can be used in other areas of the home as well as a general cleaner.)

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  • Pest Preventative – No, it will not get rid of pesky neighbors, bratty kids, or creepy stalkers, but mix in one drop of dish soap into a spray bottle of water. Spray this around doors, windows, vents or other openings and this will act as a pest preventative for spiders, ants and other insects that might try to get in.
  • Cloth Diaper Cleaner – Soak the diapers first (after you clean any largess out–that would just be…just clean out the poop first). Then scrub the still-wet diapers with dish soap, then rinse. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly, and afterward, wash as you normally would. Dish soap has grease fighting powers which will also work well to get out those difficult diaper stains. (You’ll want to test this first if your kiddos have very sensitive skin.)
  • Clean the Pool – Just placing a few squirts of dish soap in the center of a pool will push all of the floating dirt, sunscreen, and other grimy substances to the edges for easy cleaning. You may need to let it sit for a while before skimming it for this to take effect.
  • Lubricate a Screw – This is a fantastic trick my dad taught me. Just put a drop of dish soap on the end of a screw before you go to town trying to drive it into wood. This will help keep wood from splitting, but it will ALSO keep the screw from fighting you as it goes it. It’ll take like half the power and a third of the time to drive the screw in!
  • Kill Poison Ivy – I had a terrible time when I first moved int my house–there was poison ivy ALL OVER! And I am allergic enough that I just had to be out in my yard when my husband was mowing and suddenly, I’d be headed to the doctor. So, we learned that you can just wipe the leaves of those icky poison-ey plants with dish soap and within just a few days, the plant will start to wither and die. Or, if you’re braver than me, you can wipe the open ends of a cut portion of the vine…you can dance gleefully around the dead, evil plant in no time! (Just be sure to wear your best hazmat suit even when removing the dead ivy–it’s still poison.)

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  1. You can also use it in the dish washer. Put just a couple drops/squirt ( not too much) in the part you close and baking soda in the open part…use vinegar instead of the jet blue. I’ve been doing it this way for almost a year now. It cleans so good!