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You Can Get ‘Cobra Kai’ Cake Bites That Have A Layer of ‘Dojo Dark Chocolate’ For One Kickin’ Treat

When you think of your favorite sweet, you would like to think that the delectable dessert has a kickin’ taste, or else you wouldn’t eat it as often am I right?

Courtesy of Walmart

Of course I’m right, considering The Original Cakebites went above and beyond with their newest cake bite, Cobra Kakes.

Courtesy of @theoriginalcakebites

Introducing Cobra Kakes, the newest creation by The Original Cakebites resembling the hit television series ‘Cobra Kai’!

Courtesy of @jonabot80

Similar to the show, these cakebites are kickin’ with a handful of flavors combined in one sweet treat and not to mention, three soft layers of cake baked into one mini bite sized snack!

Courtesy of @snackmurder

Now let’s get to the drool worthy details; each cake bite is surrounded by dojo dark chocolate and filled with no mercy marshmallow, sensei Vanilla cake and mismatched colored karate sprinkles to complete the look.

Courtesy of @theoriginalcakebites

The Cobra Kakes are a limited edition dessert currently available at Walmart for just about $4 with a bright yellow rattle snack on the front of the box making it hard to miss when searching through the aisles for this tasty snack.

Courtesy of @bourbon__man