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Coca-Cola Cherry Vanilla Is Officially Coming To Stores And I’m So Ready

Just in time for Valentine’s Day — and really for ANY TIME — Coca-Cola has brought us CHERRY VANILLA Coke!

Courtesy of Coca-Cola

If you’re thinking, this is already a thing! Yeah, I thought so too, but it wasn’t.

I mean, it’s available in those cool soda dispensers at the movie theaters but it’s never been available in just a can or bottle for that matter.

Coca-Cola knows that people LOVE the cherry and vanilla flavor, so they have finally made it OFFICIAL, bringing us both Regular Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola and Cherry Vanilla Coke zero!

Courtesy of davy_wayvie on Instagram

I’m seriously ready to throw back some of this refreshing Cherry Vanilla flavor action!

They are officially releasing the Cherry Vanilla flavor on February 10th, and you can bet I’ll be standing in line at my Walmart with a case!

Courtesy of davy_wayvie on Instagram

This is a CLASSIC soda flavor, and it’s about time that Coca-Cola jumped on the cherry vanilla bandwagon! Can I get a hallelujah.

Courtesy of davy_wayvie on Instagram

The new Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola will be available in 12-ounce cans, and also in bottles. I will be needing both.

No more going to that fast food restaurant to pour the cherry vanilla flavor into Classic Coke, am I right?!? Woot! I’m so excited about this one, y’all.

February 10th couldn’t get her soon enough! This would make a GREAT treat for your valentine! Maybe a bottle of the Cherry Vanilla Coke with a Chicken Nuggets bouquet. It would be memorable!