Coffee Mate Is Releasing a Drumstick Flavored Coffee Creamer So You Can Have Ice Cream For Breakfast

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The bottom of a McDonald’s ice cream come or the point at the end of a frozen drumstick is literally, the best taste saved for last. 

Courtesy of @drumstick

Considering the best is always saved for last, Coffee Mate has saved their most excellent flavor for last. 

Here’s introducing Coffe Mate’s upcoming release, Drumstick Vanilla Sundae flavored coffee creamer. 

Courtesy of @markie_devo

While details of the flavor are currently kept secret, we can only assume that the new creamer tastes similar to biting into a chilled drumstick from the grocery store. 

Courtesy of @drumstick

More specifically, vanilla, chocolate, and notes of peanuts might be expected throughout the creamy bottle. 

Courtesy of @drumstick

Images of the new flavor have appeared on retail store websites, but the exact release date has yet to be announced; Coffe Mate, you had us at drumstick,

Courtesy of @markie_devo

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  1. Every time they come up with new flavors I get excited only to be disappointed .. . Never tastes as advertised

  2. One of the best creamers ever Please don’t stop making it

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