Cold Stone Has A New Golden Oreo and Circus Animal Ice Cream And They Are Loaded with Cookies

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I haven’t been to a Cold Stone Creamery in ages, but that is about to change!

They have some new cookie themed ice cream and I must try them! Seriously, how have I lived without these creations?

Courtesy of Cold Stone Creamery

“It’s A Circus in Here” and that is the truth, really that is the name of this new creation! It is made with Circus Animal Cookies Icecream and has Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies, rainbow sprinkles, and mini marshmallows.
Courtesy of Cold Stone Creamery

Then you have the new “Golden Oreo Good as Gold” creation. This one has Golden Oreo Ice Cream with Golden Oreo Cookies, Caramel, Strawberries and whipped topping! That combination sounds so amazing!

This girl has the right idea! I want it and I want it now. We only have until April 14th to experience these amazing creations!

So which one do you plan on trying first? I think it will be “It’s a Circus in Here” for me! Just look at it! It’s a dang party!

There is just so much happening here and just look at how colorful! Shoot, even the photo makes me feel happy.

This baby…that is what I will look like when I get it! Grinning ear to ear, eyes shining and ice cream all over my face!

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